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Is there a difference between counselling and psychotherapy?
This is a much debated question and therefore no clear cut answer. Psychotherapists may argue they are trained to a higher level, with more clinical hours achieved whilst training and partaking in their own personal therapy throughout. However there are very good therapists trained at lower levels with an abundance of experience who also will call themselves psychotherapists. The titles are not protected or regulated by law therefore anyone can use them. This is why its important to check credentials and qualifications when seeking a counsellor.
What is the difference between a counsellor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist and Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist traditionally works under the medical model, viewing mental health and mental illness as something to treat, quite often with medication, psychiatrists are Doctors. Psychologists (clinical, educational etc) are also Doctors but do not prescribe medication. They are more interested in why a person feels, acts or behaves in certain ways.

A psychotherapist works, quite often weekly with a person who is in distress or struggling with difficulties. They will help the client make sense of what is happening, help them work through past traumas, abuse or neglect. They notice patterns of behaving or relating to others, but this largely is dependent on training and experience. Psychologists may also do this too if they have a psychotherapy qualification.

What kind of therapy is right for me?

This really depends on the individual. There are many different types of approaches and all can have good outcomes. You may be more aware of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) as this is recommended under NICE guidelines. This does not mean it is the most appropriate approach for you, only that it is the most readily available through the NHS.

The most important part of having counselling/psychotherapy is the relationship you have with your therapist.

Does my Doctor (or anyone else) need to know I am having therapy?
Counselling is a completely private and confidential service. If you choose to enter into therapy with me, any information regarding your attendance or content of sessions will not be shared. Exclusions may apply where high risk is a concern such as risk to life or subpoenaed by court.
How many sessions will I need?
This is very much dependent on the individual and will be discussed at the first meeting and reviewed as the work takes place.
Do I have to attend weekly?
Again this depends on the individual and all attendance can be negotiated and agreed.
I am worried about my child's mental health, do you work with children?

I do work with children but only in the context of families. This is for a number of reasons. There is a difference between child and adult counselling and I always urge clients to seek a professional with adequate training. My training is about understanding children in the context in which they develop. So, I may do individual work with a child but will always see family members too, often together.

Everybody plays a part in a child’s emotional health. A child’s behaviour, emotions and thoughts are very often their way of communicating, my role is to support the family to uncover patterns, understand ‘who does what and when’ as situations arise and facilitate other ways of reacting and responding.

Its also worth noting that parents childhood development can play out in the present too and inform parenting.

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“ Until you make the unconcious concious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. ”

I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist offering a private and confidential counselling service online, by telephone and face to face in Redditch and surrounding areas.

I work with a variety of issues, whether it be anxiety or depression or trauma or family issues. I have a wealth of experience counselling individuals and have worked with a wide variety of people, both privately and in organisations.

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Counselling For Individuals

People are individual and may present with different needs, therefore for what helps one person may not another. A professional counsellor can facilitates a safe, private and confidential space for an individual to utilise as they wish.

Counselling For Couples

A professional counsellor that is impartial and trained to hold a position of neutrality can be highly beneficial if you are looking to improve your relationship, intimacy or closeness.

Counselling For Families

As a Systemic Practitioner and parenting coach, I am able to gain deeper insight into understanding dynamics, difficulties, strengths and mental health issues within a family environment.

About me

I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist offering a private and confidential counselling service online, by telephone and face to face in Redditch and surrounding areas. I am fully insured and hold an enhanced DBS. I am a registered member of the BACP and work with individuals, couples and families for both short term and long term counselling.

My approach is integrative which means I have received formal training different counselling modalities (Humanistic, Psychodynamic, and Cognitive and Behavioural therapies) to combine them effectively and ethically to suit individual people, groups and circumstances. I have also undertaken additional training in Systemic approaches which informs my work with couples, parent and child dynamics and families interactions.

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